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Some active, some dead. But all dreams.

Spinning my wheels

Doing work for the sake of doing work.

Here’s some things I’ve got going on. Feel free to take a look through and contact me about any of them if something strikes your fancy.

This page  represents my ambition to affect the world around me. I do hope someday to impact humanity in some positive way, through either one of these efforts or via something I have yet to stumble upon. Thanks for visiting.

“I’m compelled to create, regardless of whether the result is any good. Unfortunately it’s all unfocused. I’m just blindly going about doing things, hoping something comes together. It’s a fucking curse.”

Messenger Motorworks

In early 2021, I bought a small automotive customization shop. 

Syllable Agency

My own little web design studio and labor of love.


A service I’m starting that helps people buy the right car.

Try to do something you like.